“The Long Goodbye” makes Dirty Impound’s “25 favourite albums of 2013”

I’m chuffed that #TheLongGoodbye has been included in dirty impound‘s 25 Favorite Albums of 2013. I’m punching above my weight on this list of truly amazing releases. If you enjoy top-notch music writing and want to hear what gems you might have missed this past year (as I’m realizing, going through this list), you’ll want to check out this curatorial gift from Dennis Cook….

Chris Velan: The Long Goodbye

Top25_ChrisVelan As exposed and brave as Joni Mitchell’s Blue or Elliott Smith’s Either/Or, the latest offering from Canadian songsmith Chris Velan tackles the tough but all too common experience of really, really loving someone and realizing you’re not the one for them. Where most of us crawl away to hide in the shadows, Velan took his guitar and notebook to scribble down some wisdom and helpful reflection from within the worst of times. To love and not be loved in return – at least not on the same level – is a pain worse than most blades or bullets can produce. But there is a balm in music that directly addresses the confusion, the lingering I-want-the-best-for-you ache, and undeniable hurt and sadness at knowing that despite one’s best efforts there’s no way to chisel one’s self into something other than what they are. The Long Goodbye is a succinct, beautifully drawn work that may well help folks move on from such hurts and hampering history.

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