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“Did We Ever Have A Chance” by Chris Velan

Jul 24, 2013
Damian Lethbridge

Montreal has launched a full scale, musical invasion of Newfoundland this week. As I mentioned in yesterday’s track, loop rock duo Cinéma L’Amour are touring the island this week and today’s track is from Montreal singer-songwriter Chris Velan, who will be promoting his fifth studio album The Long Goodbye tonight (Wednesday, July 24) at the Arts Centre in English Harbour. Chris will be in St. John’s tomorrow night (Thursday, July 25th) to showcase the record for the townies at The Ship.

Admittedly a break-up album, The Long Goodbye channels that emotionally charged experience into a beautiful collection of songs. Stylistically, the record calls to mind a mix of David Gray with later era R.E.M. circa Up (1998) and Reveal (2001). Today’s track “Did We Ever Have A Chance” is the closing song on the record and probably my favourite. I particularly like the opening line “Take me to the start, you came in with a broken back. Night bird singing out, Billy boot heart attack.”

Listen to the rest of Chris Velan’s The Long Goodbye at the link below and catch him live in St. John’s Thursday (July 25th) at The Ship.

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