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Chris Velan: The Long Goodbye

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Bad news for any of y’all working on the ultimate breakup album. It’s just been done to the hilt on The Long Goodbye. Velan’s one for digging deep in his subject matter, usually managing to drape his lyrics in catchy, world beat inflected arrangements. This un’ s all about getting stuff off the Velan chest and dude has lots to get rd of.

As befitting the album’s narrow focus, that being the post-breakup break apart, the music is stripped way, way down, bringing no good news and no place to hide from Velan’s brutal soul-baring. This is a tough listen in one go and if you’re in a good relationship it’s probably not the best album for hanging on the couch with your baby.

Hard and cold it may be at most times but the boy can spin a tale that’ll turn lonesome me into the lone man standing. The fact that Velan plays most of the instruments himself adds to the ‘last stand’ feeling, the only element of any hope loitering around the project. That comes out to play most forcefully on ‘Gorgeous Morning’ but even as the echoes of hope are still faint in your mind, he drops the dire fatalism of ‘Did We Ever Have A Chance.” and it’s back to painting it black.

This is a collection of songs so intimate and cathartic they’re best appreciated by listeners in a similar state of mind.

Lenny Stoute
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